Sewer pipelines are installed under streets and roads and connected to a central sewer system that removes waste from local homes and businesses. Since they provide an essential function to everyday living, it is vital to keep them well-maintained and clean. If sewer lines back up into your house, you’ll most likely have to do a professional clean-up.

Sewer problems are complicated and must not be ignored. Many factors cause damage to the sewer pipelines, including corrosion, blockages, improper installation, tree root exposure, and more.

Understanding the top causes of sewer damage can help you prevent issues in the long run. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of sewer damage.

Most Common Causes of Sewer Damage

The most common causes of sewer damage include:

Damage to Pipes

Damaged pipes can cause significant issues with your plumbing system and the central sewer system. When lines are damaged, they cannot function properly. This often leads to water backup, water damage, and more significant issues.

There are many reasons pipes get damaged. Improper installation is one of the top causes of the damaged pipes. Significant blockages, natural causes, deterioration, and other plumbing issues can damage your pipes. If you have damaged plumbing pipes or sewer lines, you need to talk to a professional plumber for repairs immediately. Replace the damaged pipes as soon as possible to avoid more costly damage.

Roots and Tree Branches

Another leading cause of sewer system damage comes from the natural growth of tree roots and damage from tree branches. When tree roots grow near the sewer pipelines, they can create minor cracks in the pipes that lead to significant damage. Tree roots can split, crack, crush, or fill entire sewer lines. As tree roots make their way into your pipes, they continue to grow, creating significant damage. This is why you must maintain the sewer pipelines regularly to prevent considerable damage and call a plumber immediately before the problem escalates.

Sewer System Clogs

If there are clogs in the sewer pipelines, then the pipes are at risk of damage. Clogs can be caused by various things, including trash, garbage, and other waste materials that are not biodegradable. As many people flush items that aren’t meant to travel through your sewer system, these items can’t break down. Therefore, they remain in your pipes and build-up to create significant blockages. Remember, sewer pipes are not garbage disposals. So, we should not treat them as such. Avoid throwing solid wastes, animal bones, or other plastic materials down your drains, as these are the main reasons for clogging.

Grease Buildup

Another significant cause of sewer line issues is grease buildup. As people throw grease and other waste down their sinks, it can block the pipes and create irreparable damage to the sewer lines. As grease travels down your drain, it solidifies as it cools. This is how grease and other buildup make a significant issue for your sewer system.

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Top Causes of Sewer Damage

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