For any home, the roof is the most important part. It keeps you protected from the weather, birds, and brings style to any home. It is vital to make sure that your home is protected from any weather, sun or rain. There are so many different materials that can be used as roofing, some materials better than others, but it is very important to choose the right material to keep you protected, have great longevity, cost almost nothing, and have great structural support.



Here are 5 different materials for roofing to use on your home.



Rolled Roofing


This type of roofing is quite affordable as well as effective in the sense of getting the roofing job done. This type of roofing is where you purchase a large roll that is made up of minerals and asphalt that can be rolled out and heated up to attach to the roof and create a solid seal between the roofing material and the roof itself. This type of roofing is inexpensive as well as can last for up to 10 years without replacement, making it a very effective, affordable, and awesome option for roofing.



Membrane Roofing


For more flat roofs or smaller sloped roofs, one would more likely use a membrane roof. These roofs are waterproof, weather proof, as well as extremely effective in keeping everything you want out of the house. These membranes have several types: neoprene (polychloroprene), EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), chlorinated polyethylene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheets, and polymer-modified bitumens. The best option for membrane roofing is EPDM. It is also referred to as rubber roofing. It is similar to rolled roofing and is quite cheap.



Asphalt Composite Shingles


This kind of roofing is one of the most popular kinds of roofing in North America, specifically in the United States. It is made out of fiberglass and a mineral and asphalt mixture that creates shingles to drape across the roof of the home. It is very flexible and adjusts by itself from weather and can last for up to 30 years in the right conditions. It is also very affordable and effective.



Standing Seam Metal Roofing


This kind of roofing is the most common form of metal roofing out there. This roofing is also extremely popular in the colder, more snowy areas of the world since it is easier to keep the snow, rain, and moisture out of the home. It is also a completely fireproof material which makes it perfect for the areas in the world where fires run rampant. This type of roofing is right in the middle of cheap and expensive, but the price is worth it. This roofing lasts for up to 50 years when properly taken care of.



Metal Shingles


Metal shingle roofing is just as effective and has the same qualities as the standing seam metal roofing, but the one difference is the design of the roofing. This roofing is meant for the people who want the metal roofing but do not like the way the standing seam metal roofing looks. It is similar in price to the other roofing and lasts for just as long.




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5 Different Materials For Roofing to Use on Your Home

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