You’re enjoying your birthday party/graduation/baby shower/wedding, when the drizzle starts! You’d noticed the gray clouds forming up above while outside, but the weather channel had promised it was going to be a clear day today! So, now what? Don’t stress, because when it rains at your outdoor event, all you have to do is make sure you’ve taken a few precautions or at least planned a bit ahead.


Take the Party Inside

A sudden burst of rain can instantly put a damper on your big event. If your event takes place in your backyard, just move the party indoors. Light some candles, pop open some snack trays, and let the festivities continue inside. If you find the rain letting up after a while, it’s safe to resume the outside celebration!


Move to Your Patio

If you have a bigger group, just open the inside of your home but also keep the patio open (if you have a patio area). This way, guests can mingle outside while the rain lets up, as well as go inside if the air is chilly. If you have a barbecue area in your patio and were planning to grill, this is still doable.


Wait it Out

If you knew there was a chance of drizzle and the rain is really not as heavy, you and your guests may simply keep the festivities going and wait it out. Just make sure to cover any open containers of food and make sure the drizzle doesn’t land anywhere important. After a few minutes, if the drizzle is gone then the celebrations can continue like nothing happened!


Ask Your Venue

If you’re in an outdoor venue specifically, make sure to ask the venue manager what the rule is for sudden weather conditions, such as rain. They may have tents or an indoor venue that can be made available for certain circumstances. It never hurts to double check the day of either.


Pitch a Tent

Event tents are the perfect solutions to escape from the rain. They can provide cozy coverage when rain strikes, and you can even get sidewalls and certain heaters to battle accompanying cold weather as well. With a tent, you can still enjoy the view and fresh air of the indoors, without having to stand in the rain!


When it rains during your outdoor event, you may find yourself completely overwhelmed. You’ve spent weeks planning this event, and getting rained out was not a part of the plan. However, there’s plenty of ways to move the party indoors, let a venue manager handle it, or simply remember to be prepared with a few event tents! You must not let a shift in the weather sour your celebration. If you are looking for reliable tent rentals in Los Angeles, Town & Country Event Rentals is the best rental supplier for you. Don’t let the rain get you down, just make sure to have a plan b or be prepared with reliable and sturdy event tents!


What to Do if it Rains at Your Outdoor Event

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