Moving anywhere is a significant project, but it’s a much more substantial challenge if you have to drive the moving truck as well. Looking at a moving truck and figuring out how to maneuver yourself, the vehicle, and everything within it in one piece is undoubtedly stressful. If you’ve never driven a big truck before, the experience can be even worse.


Renting a moving truck might save you money on your move, but it also comes with many extra responsibilities. The most challenging duty you will encounter throughout your relocation will be driving the moving truck with your loved ones and all of your things. You’ll need to be very careful, especially if you’re not used to handling a vehicle of this size. Let’s explore some helpful tips to drive your moving van safely.


4 Top Tips to Drive Your Moving Van Safely


Before you drive off the lot, consider these safety recommendations for driving your rented moving truck:


1.   Inspect the Moving Truck


Because driving a rented truck, even across town, is not an easy task, you’ll want to take every step possible to ensure your safety. When renting a moving van from a truck rental business, make sure that the truck is in good working condition and you understand the vehicle’s basic controls.


First, inspect the interior and exterior of the truck for any visible damage and report it if you find anything. After that, inspect the vehicle’s tires, signals, lights, and side mirrors. Check that you understand how to use the turn signals, windshield wipers, and parking brake. Insist on renting one of the latest and safe trucks from the truck rental company.


2.   Double-Check That the Vehicle Is Loaded Correctly


One thing that will make your trip safer is knowing that your possessions have been carefully packed in the truck and will remain secure throughout the ride. While some of your items may move in the back of the truck, do your best to secure them, so nothing gets damaged if you need to break or take a sharp turn quickly. It’s challenging to drive a moving truck without having to worry about your belongings in the rear. If you’re not sure how to properly load a moving truck, you’ll want to speak to a professional.


3.   Drive Carefully


Make sure there’s adequate space between you and the car ahead of you. As you are carrying a heavier load than average, make sure to drive slowly and keep the distance between your truck and other vehicles. Your truck weighs more than the average vehicle, so you should also begin braking sooner than usual and apply brakes smoothly to prevent damage to your belongings in the back of the truck. And, of course, keep your hands on the wheel and shut off your cell phone while driving!


4.   Increase Speed Gradually


Driving a moving truck differs from driving a regular automobile in almost every way. Your moving truck may take some time to come up to speed because of its larger size and weight. Remember to gently increase your speed if this is your first time driving a moving truck. Avoid accelerating too rapidly because this will significantly increase the truck’s fuel consumption and cause your load to shift in the rear. Remember that certain rental vehicles have an electronic speed limit of 75 MPH.


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Top Tips to Drive Your Moving Van Safely

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