Everyone at one point or another in their life has asked what is recyclable and what is not recyclable. There are numerous items that can be recycled, but there are some that have specifics on where they should be recycled. Some can be recycled in bins at your home or at a special center that is meant for specific materials. There are also certain items that are not recyclable, but can be dropped off are the vendors that it was received at to help keep certain materials out of landfills. On this list, I will show you what materials can be recycled in those bins at home, what can be recycled at specialized centers, and what cannot be recycled that what most think could be.



Recycle in Bins at Home


When recycling at home, it is important to make sure that all items recycled are dry, empty, and clean and that these items should not be put into trash bags like you would with regular trash. Some items that can be recycled at home are paper, newspapers/magazines, cardboard, plastic of any kind (water bottles or simple holding containers), aluminium cans (soda and food), and glass in bottle or jar form.



Recycle at Special Centers


Certain materials should be recycled at special centers since they must be kept out of landfills to protect our planet, but they also don’t recycle the same as other materials that you can just throw into a bin at home. Some of these items include plastic bags that you get at the store, batteries, styrofoam, light bulbs, and clothes.



Non-recyclable Items


While there are numerous materials that can be recycled, there can be some confusion on what is recyclable. When it is said that plastics can recycled, not all plastics can be. Glass can be recycled, but not all glass. There are certain conditions that you should keep track of when recycling certain materials. Some items that cannot be recycled are clam shell containers that have held food, garden hose, chains or any form of strong and very durable metal, wood, hazardous materials, propane tanks, drinking glasses, wire hangers wrapping paper, tissues, and ceramics. With some of these items, it is important to take them back to where they were received, like propane tanks, too keep the hazardous material out of trash, landfills, and recyclables. Other materials, like wood, metal, and chains, can break the machines used to sort and break down recyclables, so it is vital to make sure those are left out of the recycling bin.



Recycling is a very important part of our world and is important to keep track of to help keep pollution down on the planet. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are all so important. I hope this information on what is and isn’t recyclable will help you recycle more materials.




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Recycling: What To Do and Not Do

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