Common Car Accident Repairs

Common Car Accident Repairs

Getting into a car accident can be terrifying for anyone. Suddenly, you may find yourself dealing with painful injuries and the need to get your car repaired. Car accident repairs should not be delayed, as these can further impact the performance of your vehicle. Some of the most common car accident repairs we see include:

Front/Rear-End Damage

Front and rear-end damage on a car is one of the most common damages after a car accident. Most of these types of damages may occur in traffic that is relatively low-speed. The rear or front bumper usually has to be replaced, as well as headlights and brake lights.

Extensive Body Damage

Some of the scariest car accidents may occur on highways. The higher speeds before collision can mean extensive body damage for a vehicle. If the frame of the vehicle is still in good condition, body repairs can be done. However, if even the frame is impacted, the vehicle may end up being labeled a total loss.


Smaller car accidents can result in nicks and scratches to a vehicle’s paint. These paint damages occur when the surface of your car is scraped against another hard surface. Scuffs may often mean only the top layer of the paint has been damaged. Paint completely removed from the body of a car may need some bodywork before the paint is reinstated. Restoring your vehicle’s appearance after a car accident can be very important to you, and there is no obstacle in doing so as long as you take your car to a professional auto shop in the area!

Glass Replacement

Windshields or windows may often shatter during a car accident. Glass replacement should be done within a reasonable timeframe if you’d like to start using your car again. Operating a vehicle with no windows is illegal. However, you will be happy to know these are more simple repairs when compared to other extensive repair services.

Frame Repair

The frame of a vehicle can support the weight of the engine, transmission, and other vehicle components, so it is important to get this type of repair done as soon as possible after a car accident. Restoring your vehicle’s frame can make sure there is no disturbance in the weight distribution of your vehicle.

Need Car Repairs After An Accident?

A car accident can be overwhelming for vehicle owners. Dealing with your car’s repairs afterward shouldn’t be. Many damages caused by a collision or other type of car accident can be repaired by a local auto shop with certified technicians. If you are looking for an auto shop in Yucaipa that will get the job done and leave your car looking amazing, call the crew at Import Automotive. After a car accident, you should be able to have your car looking good again!

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Protecting Assets in a Divorce

Protecting Assets in a Divorce

There are many different ways of protecting your assets during a divorce, including using Prenuptial agreements, creating an offshore trust, and reimbursing your spouse for dissipated assets. However, the best method of divorce asset protection is anticipating the inevitable and knowing your assets. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the most common methods. After reading this article, you’ll have a clearer picture of what to do to protect your assets during a divorce.
Prenuptial agreements

One of the benefits of prenuptial agreements for protecting assets in t he event of a divorce is that you can protect your wealth. A good prenuptial agreement can protect your assets from debts and protect your children from previous and future marriages. Additionally, it can also protect your legacy assets. The importance of protecting your assets is not just a matter of protecting your wealth.

A prenuptial agreement must meet certain requirements in New York State before it can be enforced. The contract must be signed prior to the marriage, must be in writing, and must be entered into voluntarily by both parties. It must be signed by the parties to the marriage and must include all relevant information about each person. The prenuptial agreement must also be fair to both parties, as any agreement entered into through fraud may be void.
Offshore trusts

Offshore trusts have several advantages for divorcing spouses. One of the most significant advantages of an offshore trust is that the asset owner is not subject to domestic courts. Irrevocable Trust In other words, if the asset owner becomes a bankrupt, a creditor must spend time and money filing an offshore lawsuit before being able to reach the assets. Aside from this, a trustee is free to move the trust assets to another jurisdiction if they must. Additionally, many trusts contain a “choice of law” clause that explains that the trust is subject to local law, thereby ensuring the validity of a judgment.

Another benefit of an offshore trust is that it gives divorcing spouses a head start. Generally, divorcing spouses must disclose all their assets, including offshore trusts. If a spouse doesn’t follow a court’s order, a third party may make a claim against them by claiming that they worked together to create the company. If the trustee fails to comply with such demands, they are in contempt of court, and may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.
Reimbursing the other spouse for dissipated assets

What is dissipation? A legal term for spending the money you earn during the marriage on something completely unrelated, such as a vacation. This happens after the marriage has broken down irretrievably. According to the Gitlin Law Firm, dissipation takes place when one spouse spends marital funds for his or her own benefit. The three or five-year cutoff periods are also crucial.

When determining whether your spouse has dissipated assets, the court considers various factors. One of the most common ways a spouse might spend marital funds is to pay off a secret lover. However, this is not the only way to spend the money. The husband’s expenditures may include paying for expensive items like vacations, buying new clothes, and putting money into retirement accounts.

Best Places to Enjoy an Iced Coffee

Many iced coffee lovers will tell you, there’s never a bad time for an iced coffee. There’s something so refreshing about iced coffee, whether you enjoy it really sweet and flavorful, or with a splash of milk and on the bitter side. Though it’s never a bad time for an iced coffee, where are the best places to enjoy this drink? Read on to find out our top picks, and you may just find a new spot to enjoy this tasty drink, too!


The Beach

When temperatures soar, many of us go running to the beach. Nothing beats having a delicious iced coffee at your side while you lounge on the sand with a good book or your phone. The caffeine will also give you the extra energy you need to power through those strong beach waves!



In college, you’re going to a lot of different classes at different times. Your sleeping scheduling may be a bit upside down, and those countless nights of studying may leave your energy levels feeling a bit depleted. Grabbing an iced coffee on your way to class or during that break before you go off to complete work-study or a group project can be an immense lifesaver!


Breakfast with Friends

Getting together with friends to enjoy a delicious breakfast once a week is a great tradition to break away from the daily routine of life. While sitting down to enjoy your favorite avocado toast, breakfast burrito, or breakfast plate, accompany this tasty meal with a large glass of iced coffee. Nothing beats catching up with friends while sipping on your favorite iced coffee! (Psst. If you are looking for the best coffee in San Diego, Intazza has got you covered!)


At Home with a Netflix Marathon

When the workweek winds down and you find yourself sitting in front of the television about to click play on that new Netflix series you’ve been hearing good reviews about, why not settle into the Netflix binge with an iced coffee? You can relax and enjoy some much-needed time off from work or school, all while sipping on a cool and sweet iced coffee. Yes Netflix, we’re still watching!


On a Road Trip

Though this isn’t necessarily a ‘place’, nothing screams road trip more than settling into the driver or passenger’s seat with an ice-cold iced coffee. Sip on this delicious drink while you make your way to your destination, whether you’re driving an hour away, or even across the country! With an iced coffee, you can be very alert on the road, whether you’re the pilot or the co-pilot!


Grab a delicious iced coffee from a coffee shop and breakfast place in San Diego known for having the best coffee. Come on over to Intazza Coffee Mug & Grub and browse our tasty selection of iced coffee drinks. As a local coffee shop in the San Diego area, we look forward to meeting returning and new customers alike! We’ll be waiting with an iced coffee for you.

What is a Pedestrian Accident?

You are crossing the street on your way to work when struck by a vehicle. You had right of way, but the driver was texting and had failed to yield. You have a broken wrist and nose, along with other lesions. What can you do about this situation? Pedestrian accidents are a branch of personal injury incidents that can affect anyone. As a pedestrian, you are entitled to certain precautions and attention from other drivers. When a pedestrian accident occurs, it is the innocent pedestrian that may be hit with larger damages. Aren’t familiar with pedestrian accidents? Here is a rundown on these types of incidents, and also what you should do if involved in one.


What Qualifies as a Pedestrian Accident?

What qualifies as a pedestrian accident, and how can you tell if you’ve been in one? In simple terms, a pedestrian accident is an accident involving a pedestrian and a car, motorcycle, or bicycle. These accidents can happen in sidewalks, parking lots, public parks, and any other space where people can walk.


Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Some types of pedestrian accidents may include:


  • Pedestrian getting hit by a vehicle while trying to cross the street when the vehicle is making a right turn
  • When a vehicle fails to make a stop to yield for a pedestrian to cross at an intersection marked with a stop or yield sign
  • When a pedestrian is crossing an unmarked roadway that isn’t a crosswalk or jaywalking, in this case, a pedestrian may be partially found responsible for their injuries


While pedestrians have to follow the rules of the road and stick to crosswalks (whether unmarked or not), cars must also yield to pedestrians and make sure to safely allow them to cross the street. A pedestrian accident can cause more injuries toward the pedestrian than the vehicle or bicycle.


Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

What are the causes of pedestrian accidents? Pedestrian accidents can be narrowed down to a few specific causes, such as:


  • Failure of a driver/motorcyclist/bicyclist to yield and give right of way
  • A driver/motorcyclist/bicyclist having poor visibility
  • A driver/motorcyclist/bicyclist being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication
  • A pedestrian running onto the road, crossing a roadway or intersection improperly, and standing or working on a roadway


Can I File a Lawsuit for a Pedestrian Accident?

A personal injury lawsuit in wake of a pedestrian accident can be filed if there is enough evidence to prove the accident occurred due to negligence or recklessness of the driver. There must also be proof of injury on the pedestrian. Possible financial compensation could be acquired from a personal injury pedestrian accident lawsuit to cover expenses such as medical treatment and loss of wages if unable to work due to injury.


Were you caught in a pedestrian accident? Sit down with an expert personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and explore legal options. For a personal injury attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, call Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.













What Can Happen to the Body in a Car Accident

When you suffer a car accident, there may be a sudden flurry of emotions and activity. You’re shocked, stressed, and anxious. You want to make sure your passengers are alright. You need to call the police, exchange information with the driver, and call insurance. All of this sudden action may make you forget one crucial thing: how is your body? The body can react in different ways when it comes to a car accident. Here are a few of the body’s typical responses:


Adrenaline Rush

When in a car accident, your body releases adrenaline, which is a hormone released under sudden stress. This is all in preparedness for the ‘fight or flight’ response. Adrenaline coursing through your body after a car accident will make you feel little to no pain, have a rapid heart rate, and be more aware of your surroundings while also heightening your senses.



Mostly common in rear-ending accidents, whiplash occurs when the muscles and tendons in your neck are stretched. This occurs due to the neck getting thrown backward in impact and then forward again. Whiplash can cause minor or major damage to the neck, spine, and back.


Fast Deceleration and Injury

In a car accident, your car and yourself may suddenly go from 65 mph to 0 mph. The sudden force of this screeching halt is mostly seen in head-on collisions. Resulting injuries may include broken collar bones or ribs, internal injuries, and if you are not wearing a seatbelt, the consequences can even be fatal as you may be ejected from the vehicle.


Broken Bones

If you are in a t-bone collision, there is only a thin metal door separating you from the other vehicle that came out of nowhere and sharply struck you. These types of collisions may result in broken bones, crushing of the body (internal organ damage), neck, spinal, and head injuries, as well as upper body and pelvis injuries.

Being involved in a car accident can result in varied consequences. Not only are you dealing with repairs your vehicle may need, but there are also injuries to think about. Because of the adrenaline rush that accompanies a car accident, your injury may make an appearance until later on, and recovering may take awhile. If you were involved in a car accident where the other driver is liable, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. For a personal injury attorney in Ontario, reach out to Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.






























What to Do if it Rains at Your Outdoor Event

You’re enjoying your birthday party/graduation/baby shower/wedding, when the drizzle starts! You’d noticed the gray clouds forming up above while outside, but the weather channel had promised it was going to be a clear day today! So, now what? Don’t stress, because when it rains at your outdoor event, all you have to do is make sure you’ve taken a few precautions or at least planned a bit ahead.


Take the Party Inside

A sudden burst of rain can instantly put a damper on your big event. If your event takes place in your backyard, just move the party indoors. Light some candles, pop open some snack trays, and let the festivities continue inside. If you find the rain letting up after a while, it’s safe to resume the outside celebration!


Move to Your Patio

If you have a bigger group, just open the inside of your home but also keep the patio open (if you have a patio area). This way, guests can mingle outside while the rain lets up, as well as go inside if the air is chilly. If you have a barbecue area in your patio and were planning to grill, this is still doable.


Wait it Out

If you knew there was a chance of drizzle and the rain is really not as heavy, you and your guests may simply keep the festivities going and wait it out. Just make sure to cover any open containers of food and make sure the drizzle doesn’t land anywhere important. After a few minutes, if the drizzle is gone then the celebrations can continue like nothing happened!


Ask Your Venue

If you’re in an outdoor venue specifically, make sure to ask the venue manager what the rule is for sudden weather conditions, such as rain. They may have tents or an indoor venue that can be made available for certain circumstances. It never hurts to double check the day of either.


Pitch a Tent

Event tents are the perfect solutions to escape from the rain. They can provide cozy coverage when rain strikes, and you can even get sidewalls and certain heaters to battle accompanying cold weather as well. With a tent, you can still enjoy the view and fresh air of the indoors, without having to stand in the rain!


When it rains during your outdoor event, you may find yourself completely overwhelmed. You’ve spent weeks planning this event, and getting rained out was not a part of the plan. However, there’s plenty of ways to move the party indoors, let a venue manager handle it, or simply remember to be prepared with a few event tents! You must not let a shift in the weather sour your celebration. If you are looking for reliable tent rentals in Los Angeles, Town & Country Event Rentals is the best rental supplier for you. Don’t let the rain get you down, just make sure to have a plan b or be prepared with reliable and sturdy event tents!


Signs Your Toilet Needs to Be Replaced Stat!

Your toilet has seen and lived through a lot. You can’t imagine not having a functioning toilet, which is why when your toilet starts to show issues, you may find yourself in a panic. There are some problems like a clogged toilet (to a certain extent), that can be fixed one your own. However, some toilet problems will just be signaling your toilet has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. When is it a repair need or a replacement issue? Here are a few of the signs to look out for!


Consistent Clogging

There’s clogging that happens every once in a while that can be taken care of with a plunger and a whole lotta patience. However, if your toilet is clogging randomly and frequently, this is a big indicator that your toilet needs to be replaced. Not sure what constitutes clogging as a consistent issue? If your toilet is clogged more than once a week, this signals a need for replacement.


A Crack in the Toilet Tank

If you notice water puddles near the base of your toilet, the reason may be a cracked toilet tank. Working with a plumber will allow you to view if the crack on your tank can be repaired or replaced. In many instances, cracks below the waterline and elsewhere can make it so your whole tank has to be replaced. At that point, many people just choose to replace the entire toilet itself.


Toilet is Constantly Running

A constantly running toilet makes your toilet seem like it’s stuck in a never-ending flush cycle. Water continuing to run from the tank to the bowl is never a good sign and could be due to a broken fill valve in the tank. It’s important to consult with a plumbing professional to learn more about the cause behind a constantly running toilet.


No Flushing

Just like a constantly running toilet is cause for alarm, a toilet that refuses to flush should be another reason to call a plumber. If your toilet just won’t flush no matter how much you yank the handle, this is a sign of trouble. It’s a pretty straightforward sign as you cannot plunge or tamper this problem away. Instead of trying to figure out this problem on your own, it’s recommended you always consult with a professional plumber.


Toilet issues can arise unexpectedly out of the blue. Though some issues can be fixed, oftentimes the cost to repair a toilet problem leads many to just go for a toilet replacement instead. When your toilet begins to show signs like the ones mentioned above, it’s better to consult with a plumbing professional. If you are looking for a plumber in Rancho Cucamonga, The Original Plumbing Company is the professional and reliable company to turn to. Don’t delay getting to the root of a toilet problem. Get an accurate consultation so you can replace your household toilet as soon as possible and not worry about toilet problems for a while!

Top Tips to Drive Your Moving Van Safely

Moving anywhere is a significant project, but it’s a much more substantial challenge if you have to drive the moving truck as well. Looking at a moving truck and figuring out how to maneuver yourself, the vehicle, and everything within it in one piece is undoubtedly stressful. If you’ve never driven a big truck before, the experience can be even worse.


Renting a moving truck might save you money on your move, but it also comes with many extra responsibilities. The most challenging duty you will encounter throughout your relocation will be driving the moving truck with your loved ones and all of your things. You’ll need to be very careful, especially if you’re not used to handling a vehicle of this size. Let’s explore some helpful tips to drive your moving van safely.


4 Top Tips to Drive Your Moving Van Safely


Before you drive off the lot, consider these safety recommendations for driving your rented moving truck:


1.   Inspect the Moving Truck


Because driving a rented truck, even across town, is not an easy task, you’ll want to take every step possible to ensure your safety. When renting a moving van from a truck rental business, make sure that the truck is in good working condition and you understand the vehicle’s basic controls.


First, inspect the interior and exterior of the truck for any visible damage and report it if you find anything. After that, inspect the vehicle’s tires, signals, lights, and side mirrors. Check that you understand how to use the turn signals, windshield wipers, and parking brake. Insist on renting one of the latest and safe trucks from the truck rental company.


2.   Double-Check That the Vehicle Is Loaded Correctly


One thing that will make your trip safer is knowing that your possessions have been carefully packed in the truck and will remain secure throughout the ride. While some of your items may move in the back of the truck, do your best to secure them, so nothing gets damaged if you need to break or take a sharp turn quickly. It’s challenging to drive a moving truck without having to worry about your belongings in the rear. If you’re not sure how to properly load a moving truck, you’ll want to speak to a professional.


3.   Drive Carefully


Make sure there’s adequate space between you and the car ahead of you. As you are carrying a heavier load than average, make sure to drive slowly and keep the distance between your truck and other vehicles. Your truck weighs more than the average vehicle, so you should also begin braking sooner than usual and apply brakes smoothly to prevent damage to your belongings in the back of the truck. And, of course, keep your hands on the wheel and shut off your cell phone while driving!


4.   Increase Speed Gradually


Driving a moving truck differs from driving a regular automobile in almost every way. Your moving truck may take some time to come up to speed because of its larger size and weight. Remember to gently increase your speed if this is your first time driving a moving truck. Avoid accelerating too rapidly because this will significantly increase the truck’s fuel consumption and cause your load to shift in the rear. Remember that certain rental vehicles have an electronic speed limit of 75 MPH.


Contact a Reliable Moving Company to Take the Stress Out of Your Next Move


If you want to move in the safest way possible, hire reliable movers in Corona to handle the job!

Best Ovens of 2021

You’re taking the plunge and finally going to buy your dream oven. Except as you scroll through all the various models, you realize there are too many ovens to choose from. Where to even begin? Don’t stress yourself trying to figure out what oven pick you should go with for a long-lasting and reliable appliance that gets the job done, maybe with even a few additional quirks. Here are some of the best ovens of 2021(according to consumers and appliance experts) to add to your shopping cart:



This is the perfect long-lasting oven to confidently bake or cook your favorite meals. Armed with a delay bake and self-clean setting, you can actually program your oven’s start time to bake that cake later on, as well as self-clean at a future hour. The cooktop offers five-burner elements, one designed to keep your meal warm even after cooking. Size is no issue with this GE oven, as you can even customize two of the cooktops to fit larger pots and pans for enhanced cooking times.


Empava 24” Built-In Convection Wall Oven WOC17

If you live in an apartment or don’t have the biggest kitchen in the world, this Empava model may be the right one for you. This compact electric wall-mounted oven comes with a rotisserie function and enough cooking space to fit a decent-sized Thanksgiving turkey. Many consumers keep this oven in their favorites list because of its compact size and no-hassle cleaning.


Frigidaire GCRE3060AF Smart Oven

This Frigidaire model is an amazing choice if you are looking for a little more bang for your buck. The oven is a generous size to bake all your favorite treats due to its three shelves, and even comes with an air fryer mode to crisp up food to perfection without oils. With digital controls and a cooktop that has a warm setting to keep cooked foods warm throughout dinnertime, you won’t need anything else from an oven.


Samsung NE58F9710WS

This Samsung model oven has a gas oven and electric cooker top. The smart trick of this oven that has many going for it is that the oven comes with a removable divider, so it can function at two different temperatures. Talk about convenience! With steam cleaning, five heating elements, and three oven racks that can be configured into seven different positions, this Samsung model is a great choice for avid oven-users to cook all their favorite meals, no matter what the temperatures are.


When it comes to checking out a new oven for your household, there’s a lot to consider, such as sizing, convenience, extra features, and electric or gas ovens. The list above includes some of the favorites of 2021, as picked by consumers and appliance critics alike. Even the best oven will need a repair or two later on, so if you need appliance repair in Winchester, turn to Kwik Appliance Repair! Until then, enjoy the process of picking out a new oven for the household to enjoy!

Common Problems with New Home Plumbing

While you should undoubtedly be excited about purchasing a new home, there’s a lot of responsibility that goes into being a homeowner. You’ll notice throughout your ownership that there are a lot of issues you’ll have to deal with over time. Among all those matters, one of the most important is your new home’s plumbing system. You should be aware of common problems that can occur with your new home’s plumbing system so that you can deal with them efficiently before more significant damage sets in.


5 Common Issues with New Home Plumbing


The following are common problems that occur in new home plumbing systems.


1.   Clogging


Before you sign off on your home’s new plumbing system, make sure you check for any clogs. A common sign of clogging is puddles of water on your bathroom floor or standing water anywhere near your sinks, faucet, or appliances. You should always consider this a threat to your home’s plumbing system and call a plumber to fix it right. This will save you from expensive repairs or any further damage. Ignoring these types of issues can lead to significant property damage.


2.   Rising Water in the Sink


Another common problem with your home’s new plumbing system is rising water in the sinks. If your drains get clogged, the water won’t be able to pass through the drain. With nowhere to go, the water can back up in your sink, rising until the clog is resolved. Water can spill on your floor, damaging your furniture or other valuables. You should consider this a serious problem and call a local plumber immediately to unclog the drains and allow water to pass through.


3.   Burst Pipes


Bursting a water pipe doesn’t often happen, but it creates a massive problem.  If any of the pipes in your new home burst, the water damage can be significant as water continues to flow onto your property until the supply is shut off or help arrives. If you ever face a pipe burst, you should call an emergency plumber to fix it. The longer you wait, the worse the damage and the more costly the repairs.


4.   Running Toilets


Running toilets are a common issue that is more of a nuisance than an emergency. Still, they should be fixed as quickly as possible. You don’t only risk a progressive problem, but you’ll also waste a lot of water, increasing your utility bills. Additionally, the waste contaminants and bacteria in overflowing water can be hazardous for your health. Consider this as a sign of danger, and quickly call a plumber to fix your problem.


5.   Low Water Pressure


Low water pressure is also one of the common problems that occur with new home plumbing. While the solution can be as simple as adjusting the regulator, low water pressure can also be caused by cracked or broken pipes in your plumbing system. Call a local plumber to check the problem if you are getting low water pressure from the taps.


These issues can happen even with newer plumbing systems. Every homeowner should know about these problems to help recognize the problem and react quickly with repairs.


Contact a Professional for All Your Plumbing Needs


If you have an issue with your residential plumbing, contact a reliable local Victorville plumber immediately for help!