Styes are a common eye issue that can create a great deal of discomfort for patients. While they usually go away on their own within 7 to 10 days, most patients look for immediate relief. If you have a sty, it’s vital not to pop, squeeze or touch it. This can lead to significant eye issues and even infection.


Let’s take a look at some at-home treatment options for styes and how to get rid of them.


Tips to Get Rid of Styes


Here are some easy ways to treat styes at home.


1.   Use a Warm Compress


Place a warm compress on your eye to bring the pus to the surface. This will help the sty drain naturally. You can wet a clean washcloth with warm water and gently place it over your eye for five to ten minutes at a time. Over-the-counter products can be heated and placed over the eye to bring out the pus more quickly.


2.   Clean Your Eyelid with Mild Soap and Water


Since styes are pus-filled pockets on the eyelid, it’s essential to keep them clean if you want to avoid infection. Clean your eyelids with mild soap and warm water. This can help fight bacteria that are commonly found around the eyes.


3.   Use a Warm Tea Bag


Black tea possesses antibacterial properties that help reduce swelling. That’s why using a warm tea bag twice a day can be highly beneficial in speeding the process of healing your sty.


4.   Take OTC Pain Medication


Since many styes can be painful, taking over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help ease the discomfort.


5.   Use Antibiotic Ointment


If your sty breaks and leaves an open wound, use an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.


6.   Avoid Contact Lenses


Wearing contact lenses can worsen the issue. If you wear contact lenses, try to go without them until your sty goes away.


7.   Massage the Area


Gentle massaging your eyelids with either clean hands or a warm compress can sometimes help ease the pain of a sty. Stick to gentle massage and stop if you experience any discomfort.


Preventing Styes


You can prevent styes with the following tips:


  • Remove your eye makeup every night.
  • Wash your eyelids with mild soap daily.
  • Always wash your hands before touching your contacts.
  • Bacteria can grow on makeup. So, replace your eye makeup every 2-3 months and never share makeup with anyone else.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes if they are itchy, especially if you have not just washed your hands.
  • Avoid sharing towels or masks with other people.


When to Call an Eye Doctor


While styes aren’t typically caused for concern, you should call a doctor if you experience the following:


  • Your eye doesn’t get better after a few days
  • Your sty gets worse
  • Your entire eye begins to hurt
  • It’s affecting your vision
  • Your eyelid swells up or gets very red
  • If your eye doesn’t open all the way
  • Your sty is internal, and home remedies are not working
  • If the sty continues to get larger
  • If thick pus or blood is coming from the sty


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How to Get Rid of Styes?

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