Long-term boarding can create a significant amount of stress and anxiety for your pet. While you might feel anxious yourself, your pet doesn’t know what is going on, where you went, and if or when you are coming back.


If you need to board your dog for long periods, it’s vital to help ease their stress. Let’s look at some helpful tips to reduce your dog’s stress and keep them comfortable during long-term boarding.


4 Tips to Keep Your Pet Comfortable During Long-Term Boarding


These tips can be a great help to you and your pet during long-term boarding.


1.   Schedule a Short-Term Boarding Trial


A boarding trial is one of the most effective ways to ease your dog’s stress. Consider boarding your dog for at least 24 hours in your boarding facility. This is particularly important if you are boarding your dog in a new place or environment. As soon as the dog gets comfortable there, you can leave them for long-term boarding. Talk to your local pet boarding facility to see what they offer to keep your dog comfortable. The more accommodating they are, the better care you can expect for your pet.


2.   Keep Your Dog Comfortable


If you are sending your dog for long-term boarding, make sure to take extra steps to keep them comfortable. Do your best to stay calm. The more fuss you make over leaving your dog, the more anxious they will feel. Make sure to send your dog with extra items from home that comfort them. For example, send their blanket, favorite toys, treats, and dog food. You can also send a t-shirt or other fabric item that has your scent. Just as young children bring their favorite things when they go on vacation, your dog will feel their best if they have items from home to keep them calm.


3.   Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits


If your work or personal life will have you frequently placing your dog in a long-term boarding facility, be sure to help them develop healthy sleeping habits from a young age. While it might make you feel good to have them sleep in your bed, this won’t be helpful for dogs with this type of lifestyle. Teach them to sleep alone, either in a crate or on their own bed. Dogs who are used to sleeping with their owners can experience a significant amount of anxiety during the night at a long-term boarding facility.


4.   Talk to Your Dog’s Veterinarian


Before you leave your dog, make sure they are up-to-date with all their shots. You can also have a quick health check to be sure nothing is bothering them. Even if your dog is at a good boarding facility, they can be exposed to new germs that can make them sick. The last thing you want is for your dog to get sick while you are away. Talk to your veterinarian about supplements or vitamins your dog can take to achieve optimal health.


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Easing the Stress of Long-Term Pet Boarding

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