Many iced coffee lovers will tell you, there’s never a bad time for an iced coffee. There’s something so refreshing about iced coffee, whether you enjoy it really sweet and flavorful, or with a splash of milk and on the bitter side. Though it’s never a bad time for an iced coffee, where are the best places to enjoy this drink? Read on to find out our top picks, and you may just find a new spot to enjoy this tasty drink, too!


The Beach

When temperatures soar, many of us go running to the beach. Nothing beats having a delicious iced coffee at your side while you lounge on the sand with a good book or your phone. The caffeine will also give you the extra energy you need to power through those strong beach waves!



In college, you’re going to a lot of different classes at different times. Your sleeping scheduling may be a bit upside down, and those countless nights of studying may leave your energy levels feeling a bit depleted. Grabbing an iced coffee on your way to class or during that break before you go off to complete work-study or a group project can be an immense lifesaver!


Breakfast with Friends

Getting together with friends to enjoy a delicious breakfast once a week is a great tradition to break away from the daily routine of life. While sitting down to enjoy your favorite avocado toast, breakfast burrito, or breakfast plate, accompany this tasty meal with a large glass of iced coffee. Nothing beats catching up with friends while sipping on your favorite iced coffee! (Psst. If you are looking for the best coffee in San Diego, Intazza has got you covered!)


At Home with a Netflix Marathon

When the workweek winds down and you find yourself sitting in front of the television about to click play on that new Netflix series you’ve been hearing good reviews about, why not settle into the Netflix binge with an iced coffee? You can relax and enjoy some much-needed time off from work or school, all while sipping on a cool and sweet iced coffee. Yes Netflix, we’re still watching!


On a Road Trip

Though this isn’t necessarily a ‘place’, nothing screams road trip more than settling into the driver or passenger’s seat with an ice-cold iced coffee. Sip on this delicious drink while you make your way to your destination, whether you’re driving an hour away, or even across the country! With an iced coffee, you can be very alert on the road, whether you’re the pilot or the co-pilot!


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Best Places to Enjoy an Iced Coffee

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