With the increase in the number of homeowners, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to come by the perfect type of fence for their yard. Whether the fencing is for decoration, privacy, or keeping out those unwanted critters, there are many different options. Some ranging from made of wood to stone to vinyl, the options are endless. A lot of fences are “build your own,” but getting a professional to help with your fencing needs is sometimes the best option.

Here are 5 different yard fences that are perfect for any home.

  1. Contemporary Fences

These kinds of fences are where the builders incorporate different combinations of orientation of planks. It can range from vertical, horizontal, or curved. This new combination of any of these orientations create a unique and personal stylization of the fences. These fences can be made of vinyl, metal, or both, helping to add to the uniqueness of the fencing. A contemporary fence is also appealing because that can be designed last minute to create the most appealing design to the homeowners.

  1. Post Modern Fences

These fences are typically post and railing fencing. It looks like the more modern look of a split rail fence. Post modern fences are most typically constructed with three rails between the square posts. It is a very heavy duty fence as well since they can be constructed from wood, metal, or vinyl depending on the preference of the owner.

  1. Semi Private Fencing

This fencing is where you have two different sized wooden, metal, or vinyl pickets and set them in an alternating pattern to create a fencing that is both private and inviting. This also is created using horizontal rails on the bottom and top of the fencing. Although the most typically used material for these fences are treated pieces of wood, using any material for the fencing creates a personalized look that anyone would love.

  1. Rock Fencing

This fencing is one of the oldest and most used fences. It has been used throughout time and can be seen throughout history. When stones are placed in the correct orientation, they are extremely sturdy and do not move. The oldest fences that use stone are created by stacking stones upon stones to create a sturdy pile. Newer stone fences have reinforcement to hold them up, like wire mesh or a stable mortar.

  1. Chain Fencing

This fencing is the most common and least expensive type of fencing. It is seen commonly throughout society and typically used as a fencing to keep animals confined to certain areas. These fences are typically made of metal, but you are able to make these fences out of vinyl to create a more upscaled, fancier look than the metal look. A vinyl version of this fence is also more durable and easier to decorate with paint to match the aesthetic of any house and yard.  If you’re ever in need of professional fencing, contact Hemet Fencing for all of your Riverside fencing needs.

5 Nice Types of Yard Fencing

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