Your privacy to your yard and home is one of the most important things to any household. A regular fence does get the job done in creating that privacy, but sometimes one may wonder, “Could I have a more fashionable, creative fence than that normal, plain picket or chain fence?” Most people wouldn’t bother too much with trying to create a new and crazy fence, but there are numerous options that will allow the homeowner to create a new fence that is unique to their style and household.



Here are 5 ideas for fencing that aren’t your traditional picket fence.



Woven Bamboo


Of all your different options for fencing, there are multiple ways to look for individuality when comparing it to your neighbors. Most people, when looking for a newer kind of fencing, turn towards plants to give off that new and improved feel. This type of fencing takes those plants and creates another more unused type of fencing. This fence takes bamboo that has already grown and weaves it together to create a simple and unique fencing.



Plants Alongside a Softer Barrier


This fencing, much like the previous, takes into account that plant fencing is a more unique and simple type of fencing. This fencing is where you plant taller plants alongside a simple and softer fence that helps create this double barrier as well as a unique look to your yard. It is a very calm way to create a new kind of fence that is both beautiful and unique.



Reclaimed Wood


A great way to create a new and fun fence as well as recycle old materials is to use reclaimed wood as your fence. It is also easy to customize your fence to any color using a stain or a paint. This type of fencing is not used commonly throughout neighborhoods so it does create a fence that isn’t like your traditional fence.



Freestanding Bamboo


Bamboo, in itself, is a wonderful way to create a new and uncommon fence. Bamboo is a thick plant when planted correctly and creates a very natural and calming feel in any yard when used as a fencing. It is not the cheapest, but it is a beautiful fence nonetheless. Bamboo is also a very sturdy and strong plant that will help make sure that your fence does not move or go anywhere for a very long time.



Panels with a Fresh Coat of Paint


Although not as uncommon as the other kinds of fencing, this kind of fencing does help create a very unique fence when done correctly. When using any kind of materials for fencing, putting a new and fresh coat of paint along the panels helps create a unique and special feel to any home, yard, or fence. It is also possible to use recycled materials for the panels of the fence to help the environment and make the fence even more unique and special.




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5 Ideas for Fencing Instead of Your Traditional Picket Fence

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